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July 14, 2012

You own my heart, he just renting.

Long over due post! Sorry for the lack of blog post. Blame my uber busy schedule and me just being down right lazy. 😛 For everyone’s information, I am currently back in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. It took awhile to get settled in, plus my busy life as a nursing student. A day after I got back I went straight to school. haha!

All is good. I’m missing my family and my super sweet & crazy dog, Optimus. I just want to jump on the first flight back to Texas.

Anyway, I have nothing to say. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. haha!

We got free passess to the Dallas Arboretum ( It’s a 66 acre garden full of flowers and glass sculptures.

A cute little house with a little pond and bridge. It looks like it just came straight out of a fairytale book.

Awe, cute little Maxi. 🙂

Those blue things sticking out of the plants are one of the glass sculptures spread around the whole arboretum, and they’re worth millions.

Pretty flowers.

Cute baby Sarah.

The Dallas Star

White Rock Lake


March 27, 2012


LOOOOONG over due post. We got tickets to see Monster Jam last February 25 at The Cowboys Stadium.

I was so excited! Ever since coming here and seeing The Cowboys Stadium from the outside (we took pictures when we watched The Rangers game), I’ve always wanted to go in and see what its like.

We stood in line for about 5 minutes then the guy that works there said we could go in earlier than the others since we had The Pit Party Pass. Thank God he noticed, we thought they were just some flyers that went with the ticket. Haha. We could’ve been in line for an hour. ((:

Erwin & Kean infront of the Grave Digger model. (I think this was made of legos (?))

Kim & I. (The sun.. it burns!! *u*) My hand… lol.

Line was too long.

Ridiculously over priced items, including the food sold inside. haha.

The Pit Party.

Signed our names on the car.

me. haha.

The only girl driver. 😀

Kean & Kim.

Erwin & I.

Inside the Cowboys Stadium. Its HUGE! The interior is so nice! Carpet floors!

The Biggest screen I have ever seen. @_@

No wonder some of the people watching had earmuffs. The trucks were so loud!

They opened the roof!

Mohawk Warrior.

Imagine the shock in my face when I saw this. Fiesta – the grocery store near our house! haha!

The iconic Grave Digger!

Maximum Destruction. (My favorite out of all of them.)

Iron Outlaw.


Son of a Digger. Guess who his father is. haha.

Iron Man!

Monster Mutt!


El Toro Loco!


The blue car with the number 10 is the car that has our names on it. Sadly, it didn’t win. haha!


September 28, 2011

pastels, babies, and cupcakes

And then there’s me. lol.

August 30, 2011

The grass is greener on the other side.

Spent the 2/3 of the day cleaning the house. We’ll be having guests staying over. We have been “kicked out” and will be sleeping in the living room. HAHAHA.

Had some free time in the afternoon. It was surprisingly cooler today considering the usual temp. which is WAY WAY hotter. Me and the little bro went out and took some pictures. The little guy’s photography skills are improving. He took all my photos. wooooot! :))


The bro.

The backyard and behind that is the junior high school.

Feeling model. HAHAHA!

August 29, 2011

New Blog. New Camera. New Country.

TADAAAAAA! The nth time I made a blog, the nth time I’ll be promising to never abandon this blog and post every single day! This would be the last and final promise. I’m making this my permanent home!

I decided to just scrap the old blog I have  just because I felt the blog was so cluttered. I didn’t have a proper cam and looking back at my post… all of them were crap. hahaha!  I wanted to start anew since I finally own a decent camera which I got for my 18th birthday. I’ve always wanted one of those fancy dslr cameras my friends and favorite bloggers own. Instead of having a huge coming to age party, I bought a new cam. :))

I am born and raised in the Philippines. I spent 17 1/3 years of my life there. I’ve never traveled outside the country. It’s so overwhelming to be in another place. The travel was exhausting. We passed by a LOT of security check points (taking of your shoes and putting them back on, taking care of the bag with a laptop and etc.), trying to find the right gate as quickly as possible and not to get lost and riding a plane for 23 hours. IT WAS SO EXHAUSTING but at the same time fun. First stop was Japan. Got totally surprised how well the japanese airport staff spoke english. First time I ate  ramen. IT WAS GOOD! They also have a vending machine for everything! The place is a futuristic wonderland! I wished I got to see more of the country. What really caught my attention was a class of about 15 students (with their cute sailor style uniforms) and two teachers gathering in front of the gate going to Seattle. I was thinking there is no way they’re having a field trip outside the country. And then they got in. REALLY?! oh common. Thats just… *jealous* :< The 14 hour plane ride was awful. A little girl at the back kept kicking my seat. fudge. Annoying as hell. >:((((( I didn’t get enough sleep. RAWR! D: After FINALLY reaching Seattle, customs was so slow and we missed our flight going to Dallas. We waited for hours in Seattle. Looking “sabog” (I can’t even describe my condition at that time.). Finally got a flight going to Dallas courtesy of American Airlines. *poof* We’re here!

Some of the pictures I’ve taken

HUGE HUGE potatoes



The flowers at my room

My second favorite place (first being the mall). They have everything here.