LOOOOONG over due post. We got tickets to see Monster Jam last February 25 at The Cowboys Stadium.

I was so excited! Ever since coming here and seeing The Cowboys Stadium from the outside (we took pictures when we watched The Rangers game), I’ve always wanted to go in and see what its like.

We stood in line for about 5 minutes then the guy that works there said we could go in earlier than the others since we had The Pit Party Pass. Thank God he noticed, we thought they were just some flyers that went with the ticket. Haha. We could’ve been in line for an hour. ((:

Erwin & Kean infront of the Grave Digger model. (I think this was made of legos (?))

Kim & I. (The sun.. it burns!! *u*) My hand… lol.

Line was too long.

Ridiculously over priced items, including the food sold inside. haha.

The Pit Party.

Signed our names on the car.

me. haha.

The only girl driver. 😀

Kean & Kim.

Erwin & I.

Inside the Cowboys Stadium. Its HUGE! The interior is so nice! Carpet floors!

The Biggest screen I have ever seen. @_@

No wonder some of the people watching had earmuffs. The trucks were so loud!

They opened the roof!

Mohawk Warrior.

Imagine the shock in my face when I saw this. Fiesta – the grocery store near our house! haha!

The iconic Grave Digger!

Maximum Destruction. (My favorite out of all of them.)

Iron Outlaw.


Son of a Digger. Guess who his father is. haha.

Iron Man!

Monster Mutt!


El Toro Loco!


The blue car with the number 10 is the car that has our names on it. Sadly, it didn’t win. haha!



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