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March 27, 2012


LOOOOONG over due post. We got tickets to see Monster Jam last February 25 at The Cowboys Stadium.

I was so excited! Ever since coming here and seeing The Cowboys Stadium from the outside (we took pictures when we watched The Rangers game), I’ve always wanted to go in and see what its like.

We stood in line for about 5 minutes then the guy that works there said we could go in earlier than the others since we had The Pit Party Pass. Thank God he noticed, we thought they were just some flyers that went with the ticket. Haha. We could’ve been in line for an hour. ((:

Erwin & Kean infront of the Grave Digger model. (I think this was made of legos (?))

Kim & I. (The sun.. it burns!! *u*) My hand… lol.

Line was too long.

Ridiculously over priced items, including the food sold inside. haha.

The Pit Party.

Signed our names on the car.

me. haha.

The only girl driver. 😀

Kean & Kim.

Erwin & I.

Inside the Cowboys Stadium. Its HUGE! The interior is so nice! Carpet floors!

The Biggest screen I have ever seen. @_@

No wonder some of the people watching had earmuffs. The trucks were so loud!

They opened the roof!

Mohawk Warrior.

Imagine the shock in my face when I saw this. Fiesta – the grocery store near our house! haha!

The iconic Grave Digger!

Maximum Destruction. (My favorite out of all of them.)

Iron Outlaw.


Son of a Digger. Guess who his father is. haha.

Iron Man!

Monster Mutt!


El Toro Loco!


The blue car with the number 10 is the car that has our names on it. Sadly, it didn’t win. haha!


January 9, 2012

NBA Game 6 January 7, 2011 Mavs vs Hornets – Lots of pictures (Forgive the lack of creative title. haha!)

We got tickets for the NBA game Mavericks vs Hornets. Me, Erwin, My mom & Uncle David was suppose to watch together. We thought the game was friday night. I looked at the tickets and saw that the game is actually on January 7, which is Saturday. They had plans to go somewhere and they can’t cancel anymore, so me, Erwin, Kim and Larry went instead. 😀

I was so excited! Basketball esp NBA is very popular in the Philippines. People would bet money and argue who the best team is and who will become the champion. I remember the Jollibee infront of my school has a TV and the place would be packed with screaming people watching the NBA finals.

American Airlines Center. This is where concerts, basketball and hockey games are held. We watched the Dallas Stars here last year.

Kim & I.

Larry & Erwin.

Outside the south entrance.

We played with these inflatable thingies while waiting for the AA Center to open.

Me! 😀

Pretty Kim. 🙂

Larry. 🙂

Erwin. 🙂

News 8 films in the building in front of the AA Center and the walls are glass so people can see them. I tried making them laugh, which is a failure. I wonder how they remain so serious with all the people looking at them outside.

The big screen where they show News 8 live.

Inside the AA center. We were one of the people who got in early. We had to wait for about an hour for the game to start.

The court looks big in pictures and in TV, but it looks small in real life (maybe not. haha!).

Delonte West!

The Blue horse mascot who didn’t throw us any free shirt! haha!

QUICK TRIVIA: A maverick is an orphan calf or colt, and a colt is a young male horse.

Our reaction when we saw our faces in the huge screen.

Smile and be pretty for everyone to see. haha.

These guys, waited outside in the cold, naked and covered in blue and white paint. Next time me and Kim will cover our bodies in white paint and wear blue bikinis. HAHA. KIDDING. XD

Football helmets displayed outside. 49ers & Cowboys. 🙂

Chili’s balloon thing dropping coupons.

New Orleans Hornets.

LAMAAAAAAAR ODOOOOOOOM! Khloe Kardashian nowhere to be seen. boooo! I was hoping to see her again. 😦 hahaha!

Singing the National Anthem.

More people started arriving.


The place was packed with people!

Basketball is intense. People flying all over the place, diving into the waterless floor and Dirk screaming like a mad man. hahaha!


We were this close. 🙂

Slam Dunk! I have really bad timing and I didn’t get a clear shot of the many slam dunks that happened. FML.

Final score. We won! YAY! LETS GO MAVS!

November 28, 2011

Harry Potter’s Honeydukes Western Style.

Before heading home we stopped by Waco. We ate at Cracker Barrel which is kind of the western version of Harry Potter’s Honeydukes. They have a restaurant and a store that sells all kinds of sweets, desserts and random items.

November 27, 2011

Greetings From Austin!

After staying at San Antonio for one night we headed over to Austin.

The Texas State Capitol. It looks like a place where royals would’ve lived. Malacañang Palace just got pawned.

Texas Peace Officers Memorial.

Disabled Veterans.

Pictures of the past governors surround the whole walls of the dome part (can’t find a better description. haha!) of the capitol. And every time a governor ends his/her term, they have a painting of him/her made and they hang them there. They have to move ALL the paintings one by one and it would take them days just to move everything.

Stephen F. Austin & Sam Houston.

The House Chamber  is the largest room in the Capitol.

The Senate Chamber.

November 16, 2011

I just met Lady Gaga. hahaha!

JUST KIDDING. hahaha! Lady Gaga in her meat outfit. She’s one of the statues displayed at the wax museum at San Antonio. We didn’t enter the museum though. There’s a few statues you can see from the outside like…

BEN STILLER from Night At The Museum. In my opinion, the statue looked nothing like him. haha!

The Undertaker & John Cena. These are better. They look so realistic and very much the same as the real ones.

Huge dinosaur that pops from a tube every other minute. Complete with roaring action.

Different flavored fudge. Caramel, Chocolate and Candy covered Apples.

As much as it’s flattering that you think I’m younger than I really am but… Come on! Crayons and a coloring booklet? The waiter must’ve thought I’m 11 or something. LOL. Mexican restaurant again! Woot Woot!

November 15, 2011

San Antonio Trip Part TWO

Second day at San Antonio!

San Antonio is a very historical city. Every corner has a story.

First stop The Alamo!

At the Alamo in San Antonio, then called Bejar, 150 Texas rebels led by William Barret Travis made their stand against Santa Anna’s vastly superior Mexican army. (

The streets of San Antonio kinda reminds you of a more peaceful version of New York. Not that I’ve been to New York, just sayin’ based on what I’ve seen from the show Gossip Girl. haha!

One of the beautiful buildings in San Antonio.

The River Walk! My favorite place from our trip. Me and my family rode one of those boats. They tour the whole river walk. You kinda get the feeling you’re in Paris or Venice.

The guide from the boat tour. He was really funny.  haha!

Huge Mosaic on top of the building. I forgot the explanation but I think the left side represents Mexico and the child in the middle of the woman and man is the child of the future.

Erwin, Mom and Uncle David. I think we we’re looking for a place to eat.

November 13, 2011

In another life, I would be your girl.

I changed my blog url! Woot Woot! Why? I felt like it didn’t describe who I am which is what this blog is all about. So I decided to change EVERYTHING, from the theme to the header to the clickies at the sidebar. It was a nerve wrecking process. It took me about a week of editing and planing. Now its done! *whew* Some links and pictures might not work. I’m trying to fix everything. It might take a while before everything gets settled down. 🙂

Here’s some of the pictures from our trip to San Antonio, Texas. We drove for about 5 hours. The whole ride I felt nauseous, plus I had a terrible headache. I never really liked long travels because I get really bad motion sickness. It was already dark by the time we got to our hotel. We left our bags and headed out to the Farmer’s Market to eat dinner.

We ate at this very nice mexican restaurant, Mi Tierra. They had three sections, the bar, the bakery and the main restaurant which are separated by a small iron gate and walls. They have pretty decors hanged up in the ceiling and they played awesome mexican music.

As you enter the restaurant you are greeted by this beautiful shrine!

We had to wait for a few minutes since the place was so PACKED.

I highly  recommend buying something from their bakery. Their Leche Quemada which literally translates to burnt milk has become my favorite. Basically its burnt milk plus pecans and coconuts. haha! It may be too sweet for some people, but its really delicious. I am so obsessed with it, I even searched the internet for the recipe and I became so depressed because its too hard for me to make. I will endure 5 hours of travel just to get  a million boxes of those. Urgh! CRAAAAAAVVVVVIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG!

This is me and Erwin waiting for our food to arrive.

My order, Chicken Enchiladas and spanish rice! I didn’t eat everything though. I only finished one enchilada and I gave the rice to my brother. I got too full from the chips and salsa we ate before the food was served. Curse you unlimited chips! >.<

Beef fajitas with beans and guacamole for my mom and brother.

Side Note: PACQUIAO WON! WOOT WOOT! (This feels weird. I’m celebrating Pacquiao’s win and talking about my love for mexican restaurants. Awkward!)


November 3, 2011

6 Flags Over Texas

Long over due post! I got a bit busy these past few weeks. Anyway, We went to 6 Flags over Texas with Tita Joy and her kids. She had a discount coupon/card and she invited us. Yay! ❤

(Grabbed some of the photos from my mom’s cam)

I love amusement parks! The weather was perfect that day and we had so much fun.

LOOOONG LINE! I forgot what holiday it was (I think it was Columbus day) the day we went there so the place was full of people. Find me! 😀

The tall girls (kim & me) & the shorties (Kian & Erwin) haha!

Yes, I tried this ride. It was a little scary(?) It was spinning while moving very fast. haha!

Panda express!

Can we not take pictures while eating? haha!


This ride is HUGE, FAST and SCARY! Too chicken to ride this… PASS!

After the long wait we’re finally near! 😀

Mom & Erwin!

KIM! 😀

Tita Joy! She looks so cute and tiny in that chair! LOL!

Fright NIght!

The only complain I have is the time. Since there were a lot of people, there would be long lines and the park closes at 6pm. We couldn’t ride all the rides. I wanted to try The Batman roller coaster and The Superman. Since it was a holiday and a lot of people were likely to come, I wish they extended maybe up until 7 or 8 pm? haha! Maybe next time? *makes parinig* LOL!

But the experience was fun! Definitely worth it. 😀

October 11, 2011

The day I won $10 at the lottery.

My head hurts so much right now that I can’t even construct a proper sentence. Just wanted to updated. There has been a lot of backlog posts.

Last last week we went to the Texas state Fair. Dead tired when we got home but it was so fun.

Popo’s in horses. They were so cool patrolling the whole place. They remind me of old cowboy movies. haha.


I wanted one of those furry animal hats but they cost too much! $20, seriously? T.T

These games were so hard to win. They cheat you or something. I wanted that Despicable me minion stuff toy. T.T

Fried bubblegum! It tasted like…. *drumroll* Bubblegum! yum! 😀

Grilled alligator with rice! HAHAHA! I didn’t try it, it was too much for me. haha!


A dog show.

Those trucks are HUGE! I wonder how they stay up there. They weigh a ton!

A log house. I’ll live here as long as it has internet.

I won the piggy and Erwin got the consolation prize. haha!

October 3, 2011

Grand Prairie Flea Market Shopping.

Photo bomb. Last saturday me, my mom, my brother and my mom’s friend, Tita Joy and her family went to the flea market at Grand Prairie. You can find so many quality goods in affordable prices there. We had such a great time. woot woot!

A stall owned by an Indian family. Mom bought two colorful hobo bags. Later we found another store that sold the same bag at a lower price. haha! Quick tip, before buying anything take note of the price of the item you want and make sure you’ve explored the whole place before buying anything. You might find the same item at a cheaper price.

A jewelry store owned by a Vietnamese couple. Kim had her watch fixed here.

The owner was so kind to take a picture of us. haha

Look at all those football jerseys. *drools* I want one. D:

I bought my flappy hat here. The owner was so funny! He’s the one smiling at the right. He even asked if he looked good. LOL.

Snow cone. I had a hard time getting the syrup. Freakin’ bees were all over the place. T.T

Looking around for furniture.

Erwin, Mom, Tita Joy, Kian, and Kim

WWE memorabilia. We love wrestling. haha.

After the flea market we went to Tita Joy’s house and ate dinner. She’s an AWESOME cook. yum yum. 😀