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July 14, 2012

You own my heart, he just renting.

Long over due post! Sorry for the lack of blog post. Blame my uber busy schedule and me just being down right lazy. 😛 For everyone’s information, I am currently back in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. It took awhile to get settled in, plus my busy life as a nursing student. A day after I got back I went straight to school. haha!

All is good. I’m missing my family and my super sweet & crazy dog, Optimus. I just want to jump on the first flight back to Texas.

Anyway, I have nothing to say. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. haha!

We got free passess to the Dallas Arboretum ( It’s a 66 acre garden full of flowers and glass sculptures.

A cute little house with a little pond and bridge. It looks like it just came straight out of a fairytale book.

Awe, cute little Maxi. 🙂

Those blue things sticking out of the plants are one of the glass sculptures spread around the whole arboretum, and they’re worth millions.

Pretty flowers.

Cute baby Sarah.

The Dallas Star

White Rock Lake


April 27, 2012

My weird spoiled furry friend

My dog sleeping in some kind of weird yoga pose. haha!

Couldn’t help but take pictures.

He caught me. He’s like “WTF are you doing?!” LOL.

Dead again. So cute! He’s so funny when he sleeps on the floor. haha!


April 19, 2012

So Many Reasons To Be Happy.

Me & Kim’s many failed attempts of getting a decent picture together. haha!


Aunt Corine & Uncle Steven. 😀

Awe. Mialina and her very pretty eyes. 🙂

Cutest Family photo I’ve ever seen. Mialina with her mom and dad. 🙂

Erwin, Mialina & I.

Kim & Mialina

Mom & Tita Joy! 🙂


Granny! 😀

Me, Kim, Jadyn & Adia 🙂

Erwin. 🙂

Kean. 🙂

The Guevara Family. 🙂

Tito Karlo with her girls.

Mother-Daughter Picture! Tita Joy & Kimberly. 🙂

I had so much fun with Kim that day. She is seriously the funniest person. We kept eating, laughing, taking funny pictures, eating (lol) and following random chinese girls haha!  ((:

Sister-Brother shot! Kim & Kean. 🙂

Mom with Jadyn. 🙂

Mom with Adia. 🙂


I kept lol-ing while editing your pictures, Kim. hahaha!

Kim & Kean’s thug face. ((:

Kim with her hommies in the background. hahaha! ((:

LOL Kim. ((:

Oh ayan! Ang pretty pretty naman! haha! ((:

March 27, 2012


LOOOOONG over due post. We got tickets to see Monster Jam last February 25 at The Cowboys Stadium.

I was so excited! Ever since coming here and seeing The Cowboys Stadium from the outside (we took pictures when we watched The Rangers game), I’ve always wanted to go in and see what its like.

We stood in line for about 5 minutes then the guy that works there said we could go in earlier than the others since we had The Pit Party Pass. Thank God he noticed, we thought they were just some flyers that went with the ticket. Haha. We could’ve been in line for an hour. ((:

Erwin & Kean infront of the Grave Digger model. (I think this was made of legos (?))

Kim & I. (The sun.. it burns!! *u*) My hand… lol.

Line was too long.

Ridiculously over priced items, including the food sold inside. haha.

The Pit Party.

Signed our names on the car.

me. haha.

The only girl driver. 😀

Kean & Kim.

Erwin & I.

Inside the Cowboys Stadium. Its HUGE! The interior is so nice! Carpet floors!

The Biggest screen I have ever seen. @_@

No wonder some of the people watching had earmuffs. The trucks were so loud!

They opened the roof!

Mohawk Warrior.

Imagine the shock in my face when I saw this. Fiesta – the grocery store near our house! haha!

The iconic Grave Digger!

Maximum Destruction. (My favorite out of all of them.)

Iron Outlaw.


Son of a Digger. Guess who his father is. haha.

Iron Man!

Monster Mutt!


El Toro Loco!


The blue car with the number 10 is the car that has our names on it. Sadly, it didn’t win. haha!


January 21, 2012

Get your ass back home!

So raise your paws if you are wrong, in all the right ways. All my underdogs!

Meet the new addition to our family! Me and Erwin’s half Terrier half American Pitbull, Optimus!

My mom & Uncle David got him at the animal pound sometime last week.

He has another brother named Prime, we only got Optimus though. But I just checked the animal shelter website and I’m happy that Prime got adopted! I hope he is with a nice loving family that would take good care of him. ❤

You guys kinda have an idea with the names. They’re from the movie Transformers. Someone from the animal shelter named him Optimus and Erwin decided to just keep it.

Laying out under the sun. The weather was nice today. Perfect for playing out in the backyard.

He is seriously a handful. But we still love him. ❤

We took advantage of the warm weather and gave him a bath since he got so dirty and stinky.

Grilled burger soaked in beer for late lunch.

Beer soften tough meat.

Quick Trivia: Studies suggested that soaking meat in beer for several hours before grilling also reduces the chance of these carcinogenic compounds forming.“Source”

(A carcinogen is any substance, radionuclide, or radiation that is an agent directly involved in causing cancer.) “Source”

Today’s Song:

January 9, 2012

NBA Game 6 January 7, 2011 Mavs vs Hornets – Lots of pictures (Forgive the lack of creative title. haha!)

We got tickets for the NBA game Mavericks vs Hornets. Me, Erwin, My mom & Uncle David was suppose to watch together. We thought the game was friday night. I looked at the tickets and saw that the game is actually on January 7, which is Saturday. They had plans to go somewhere and they can’t cancel anymore, so me, Erwin, Kim and Larry went instead. 😀

I was so excited! Basketball esp NBA is very popular in the Philippines. People would bet money and argue who the best team is and who will become the champion. I remember the Jollibee infront of my school has a TV and the place would be packed with screaming people watching the NBA finals.

American Airlines Center. This is where concerts, basketball and hockey games are held. We watched the Dallas Stars here last year.

Kim & I.

Larry & Erwin.

Outside the south entrance.

We played with these inflatable thingies while waiting for the AA Center to open.

Me! 😀

Pretty Kim. 🙂

Larry. 🙂

Erwin. 🙂

News 8 films in the building in front of the AA Center and the walls are glass so people can see them. I tried making them laugh, which is a failure. I wonder how they remain so serious with all the people looking at them outside.

The big screen where they show News 8 live.

Inside the AA center. We were one of the people who got in early. We had to wait for about an hour for the game to start.

The court looks big in pictures and in TV, but it looks small in real life (maybe not. haha!).

Delonte West!

The Blue horse mascot who didn’t throw us any free shirt! haha!

QUICK TRIVIA: A maverick is an orphan calf or colt, and a colt is a young male horse.

Our reaction when we saw our faces in the huge screen.

Smile and be pretty for everyone to see. haha.

These guys, waited outside in the cold, naked and covered in blue and white paint. Next time me and Kim will cover our bodies in white paint and wear blue bikinis. HAHA. KIDDING. XD

Football helmets displayed outside. 49ers & Cowboys. 🙂

Chili’s balloon thing dropping coupons.

New Orleans Hornets.

LAMAAAAAAAR ODOOOOOOOM! Khloe Kardashian nowhere to be seen. boooo! I was hoping to see her again. 😦 hahaha!

Singing the National Anthem.

More people started arriving.


The place was packed with people!

Basketball is intense. People flying all over the place, diving into the waterless floor and Dirk screaming like a mad man. hahaha!


We were this close. 🙂

Slam Dunk! I have really bad timing and I didn’t get a clear shot of the many slam dunks that happened. FML.

Final score. We won! YAY! LETS GO MAVS!

December 15, 2011

I couldn’t model even if my life depended on it.

It’s officially the fall season (though in some states its already snowing *envy* *kinda confused* lol)! Lush green leaves turning into beautiful yellow and orange. Its been VERY cold and accompanied by a little bit of rain led me into catching a cold thus the lack of post. Too lazy to do anything. :< But good news! With the help of some nasty cold syrup, I am partially better. aha!

I’ve been struggling with my body clock, I’m like a vampire. I am slowly trying to adapt the sleeping time of a NORMAL person. No thanks to my brother’s weird sleeping habits. They say people look peaceful when they sleep… not this guy. -__- I woke up at about 3am and I couldn’t go back to sleep. -__-

Anyway, I did some morning errands with my mom. Totally surprised that we finished by 10 or 11 am. We accomplished so many chores by then when usually I’m still asleep at that time. Then by 3pm me and my fam went to Northpark Mall. They have a huge train display and we went to see that. After that we went our separate ways. I went to the stores I like and got a few things from F21 and H&M. I suppose they also did the same with the stores they visited. haha!

Excuse the awkward pose. I couldn’t model even if my life depended on it.

Today I opted to wear something light since its surprisingly not cold today. I mean, it’s cold but bearable. For warmth I relied on my boots and infinity scarf, which I’ve been obsessing about lately and finally got them last Sunday at Target.

Grand Central Station.

The Texas State Fair

The center piece.

Apparently, this is The White House.

Don’t ask. LOL. Yoh kid, Y U LOOKIN AT MY BUTT?

December 8, 2011

The Awesome That Are These Rain Boots.

Last week I tweeted about getting boots online. I’ve been eyeing these rain boots from Academy and they’re on sale with free shipping!

Floral Pattern rain boots! Aren’t they adorable? It’s made of good quality rubber and the insides are lined with jersey fabric which makes it super comfortable. Very useful to the people back in the Philippines since it rains like crazy there.

November 28, 2011

Harry Potter’s Honeydukes Western Style.

Before heading home we stopped by Waco. We ate at Cracker Barrel which is kind of the western version of Harry Potter’s Honeydukes. They have a restaurant and a store that sells all kinds of sweets, desserts and random items.

November 27, 2011

Greetings From Austin!

After staying at San Antonio for one night we headed over to Austin.

The Texas State Capitol. It looks like a place where royals would’ve lived. Malacañang Palace just got pawned.

Texas Peace Officers Memorial.

Disabled Veterans.

Pictures of the past governors surround the whole walls of the dome part (can’t find a better description. haha!) of the capitol. And every time a governor ends his/her term, they have a painting of him/her made and they hang them there. They have to move ALL the paintings one by one and it would take them days just to move everything.

Stephen F. Austin & Sam Houston.

The House Chamber  is the largest room in the Capitol.

The Senate Chamber.