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January 9, 2012

NBA Game 6 January 7, 2011 Mavs vs Hornets – Lots of pictures (Forgive the lack of creative title. haha!)

We got tickets for the NBA game Mavericks vs Hornets. Me, Erwin, My mom & Uncle David was suppose to watch together. We thought the game was friday night. I looked at the tickets and saw that the game is actually on January 7, which is Saturday. They had plans to go somewhere and they can’t cancel anymore, so me, Erwin, Kim and Larry went instead. 😀

I was so excited! Basketball esp NBA is very popular in the Philippines. People would bet money and argue who the best team is and who will become the champion. I remember the Jollibee infront of my school has a TV and the place would be packed with screaming people watching the NBA finals.

American Airlines Center. This is where concerts, basketball and hockey games are held. We watched the Dallas Stars here last year.

Kim & I.

Larry & Erwin.

Outside the south entrance.

We played with these inflatable thingies while waiting for the AA Center to open.

Me! 😀

Pretty Kim. 🙂

Larry. 🙂

Erwin. 🙂

News 8 films in the building in front of the AA Center and the walls are glass so people can see them. I tried making them laugh, which is a failure. I wonder how they remain so serious with all the people looking at them outside.

The big screen where they show News 8 live.

Inside the AA center. We were one of the people who got in early. We had to wait for about an hour for the game to start.

The court looks big in pictures and in TV, but it looks small in real life (maybe not. haha!).

Delonte West!

The Blue horse mascot who didn’t throw us any free shirt! haha!

QUICK TRIVIA: A maverick is an orphan calf or colt, and a colt is a young male horse.

Our reaction when we saw our faces in the huge screen.

Smile and be pretty for everyone to see. haha.

These guys, waited outside in the cold, naked and covered in blue and white paint. Next time me and Kim will cover our bodies in white paint and wear blue bikinis. HAHA. KIDDING. XD

Football helmets displayed outside. 49ers & Cowboys. 🙂

Chili’s balloon thing dropping coupons.

New Orleans Hornets.

LAMAAAAAAAR ODOOOOOOOM! Khloe Kardashian nowhere to be seen. boooo! I was hoping to see her again. 😦 hahaha!

Singing the National Anthem.

More people started arriving.


The place was packed with people!

Basketball is intense. People flying all over the place, diving into the waterless floor and Dirk screaming like a mad man. hahaha!


We were this close. 🙂

Slam Dunk! I have really bad timing and I didn’t get a clear shot of the many slam dunks that happened. FML.

Final score. We won! YAY! LETS GO MAVS!