In another life, I would be your girl.

I changed my blog url! Woot Woot! Why? I felt like it didn’t describe who I am which is what this blog is all about. So I decided to change EVERYTHING, from the theme to the header to the clickies at the sidebar. It was a nerve wrecking process. It took me about a week of editing and planing. Now its done! *whew* Some links and pictures might not work. I’m trying to fix everything. It might take a while before everything gets settled down. 🙂

Here’s some of the pictures from our trip to San Antonio, Texas. We drove for about 5 hours. The whole ride I felt nauseous, plus I had a terrible headache. I never really liked long travels because I get really bad motion sickness. It was already dark by the time we got to our hotel. We left our bags and headed out to the Farmer’s Market to eat dinner.

We ate at this very nice mexican restaurant, Mi Tierra. They had three sections, the bar, the bakery and the main restaurant which are separated by a small iron gate and walls. They have pretty decors hanged up in the ceiling and they played awesome mexican music.

As you enter the restaurant you are greeted by this beautiful shrine!

We had to wait for a few minutes since the place was so PACKED.

I highly  recommend buying something from their bakery. Their Leche Quemada which literally translates to burnt milk has become my favorite. Basically its burnt milk plus pecans and coconuts. haha! It may be too sweet for some people, but its really delicious. I am so obsessed with it, I even searched the internet for the recipe and I became so depressed because its too hard for me to make. I will endure 5 hours of travel just to get  a million boxes of those. Urgh! CRAAAAAAVVVVVIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG!

This is me and Erwin waiting for our food to arrive.

My order, Chicken Enchiladas and spanish rice! I didn’t eat everything though. I only finished one enchilada and I gave the rice to my brother. I got too full from the chips and salsa we ate before the food was served. Curse you unlimited chips! >.<

Beef fajitas with beans and guacamole for my mom and brother.

Side Note: PACQUIAO WON! WOOT WOOT! (This feels weird. I’m celebrating Pacquiao’s win and talking about my love for mexican restaurants. Awkward!)



One Comment to “In another life, I would be your girl.”

  1. I didn’t know you had a headace and sick to your tummy….and you didn’t even mention me…ha

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