6 Flags Over Texas

Long over due post! I got a bit busy these past few weeks. Anyway, We went to 6 Flags over Texas with Tita Joy and her kids. She had a discount coupon/card and she invited us. Yay! ā¤

(Grabbed some of the photos from my mom’s cam)

I love amusement parks! The weather was perfect that day and we had so much fun.

LOOOONG LINE! I forgot what holiday it was (I think it was Columbus day) the day we went there so the place was full of people. Find me! šŸ˜€

The tall girls (kim & me) & the shorties (Kian & Erwin) haha!

Yes, I tried this ride. It was a little scary(?) It was spinning while moving very fast. haha!

Panda express!

Can we not take pictures while eating? haha!


This ride is HUGE, FAST and SCARY! Too chicken to ride this… PASS!

After the long wait we’re finally near! šŸ˜€

Mom & Erwin!

KIM! šŸ˜€

Tita Joy! She looks so cute and tiny in that chair! LOL!

Fright NIght!

The only complain I have is the time. Since there were a lot of people, there would be long lines and the park closes at 6pm. We couldn’t ride all the rides. I wanted to try The Batman roller coaster and The Superman. Since it was a holiday and a lot of people were likely to come, I wish they extended maybe up until 7 or 8 pm? haha! Maybe next time? *makes parinig* LOL!

But the experience was fun! Definitely worth it. šŸ˜€


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