The day I won $10 at the lottery.

My head hurts so much right now that I can’t even construct a proper sentence. Just wanted to updated. There has been a lot of backlog posts.

Last last week we went to the Texas state Fair. Dead tired when we got home but it was so fun.

Popo’s in horses. They were so cool patrolling the whole place. They remind me of old cowboy movies. haha.


I wanted one of those furry animal hats but they cost too much! $20, seriously? T.T

These games were so hard to win. They cheat you or something. I wanted that Despicable me minion stuff toy. T.T

Fried bubblegum! It tasted like…. *drumroll* Bubblegum! yum! šŸ˜€

Grilled alligator with rice! HAHAHA! I didn’t try it, it was too much for me. haha!


A dog show.

Those trucks are HUGE! I wonder how they stay up there. They weigh a ton!

A log house. I’ll live here as long as it has internet.

I won the piggy and Erwin got the consolation prize. haha!


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