Grand Prairie Flea Market Shopping.

Photo bomb. Last saturday me, my mom, my brother and my mom’s friend, Tita Joy and her family went to the flea market at Grand Prairie. You can find so many quality goods in affordable prices there. We had such a great time. woot woot!

A stall owned by an Indian family. Mom bought two colorful hobo bags. Later we found another store that sold the same bag at a lower price. haha! Quick tip, before buying anything take note of the price of the item you want and make sure you’ve explored the whole place before buying anything. You might find the same item at a cheaper price.

A jewelry store owned by a Vietnamese couple. Kim had her watch fixed here.

The owner was so kind to take a picture of us. haha

Look at all those football jerseys. *drools* I want one. D:

I bought my flappy hat here. The owner was so funny! He’s the one smiling at the right. He even asked if he looked good. LOL.

Snow cone. I had a hard time getting the syrup. Freakin’ bees were all over the place. T.T

Looking around for furniture.

Erwin, Mom, Tita Joy, Kian, and Kim

WWE memorabilia. We love wrestling. haha.

After the flea market we went to Tita Joy’s house and ate dinner. She’s an AWESOME cook. yum yum. 😀


2 Comments to “Grand Prairie Flea Market Shopping.”

  1. I’m super jealous you got to go to such a great flea market!

    • yeah. there were so many people with different races and you get to see products from different places. It’s like touring the world. 🙂

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