There goes my baby.

Forgive me for slacking off. It’s been a busy week (I helped my mom with house work) and I was feeling lazy. Yesterday we went to a hockey game at American Airlines Center. The Dallas Star vs Colorado Avalanche. But sadly my memory card was being such a bitch and the pictures got corrupted thus I had to delete everything! *cries* T.T Luckily, mother dear brought her camera with her!

It was freezing inside! And the pucks and players keep slamming on the plastic(?) or glass(?) walls.

You have to be alert at all times. You’ll never know when you might get hit with a puck or a stick. Apparently it will cause serious injury. haha.

Me and brother Erwin went to the park awhile ago. I was uber depressed about the pictures getting deleted so we decided to go play catch at the park and explore the neighborhood. It’s been a month since we got here but this would be the first time I’ve actually went out of the house and walked the streets. It was a fun day with a few unexpected events (there were a few middle school kids approaching me and a guy asking for something I couldn’t remember cause I was too nervous to even think. I might be androphobic or something. LOL.)








The new quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Kidding. I suck. LOL. I can’t throw the ball correctly even if my life depended on it.

The kid who kept following us. He wanted to play. haha.



2 Comments to “There goes my baby.”

  1. You’re having alot of fun there Ish! 🙂 And about that guy who came up to you, maybe he was asking you out, or your number? Lol

    • hahaha. Wtv. I’m in college and that guy is still in middle school that would probably be 1st or 2nd yr high school in the philippines. hahaha!

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