What’s in my bag?

Got inspired by the video of one of my favorite youtube gurus, Blair Fowler. And because my memory card went all crazy yesterday and all the pictures I was supposed to post were either damaged or corrupted (Thank God it’s already fixed and also thank you Tito Ombet!), I decided to do a blog version of her video.

The bag I’m using right now. It’s a Steve Madden Bag I got at Ross. I fell in love with the blue color. šŸ™‚

Petroleum Jelly

I don’t know why this was in my bag. haha!

My little emergency pouch. haha! I keep my lip tint, lip balm, small mirror, oil sheets, bobby pins, hair tie, breathe freshener, floss, chinese medicine and tampons in there. You’ll never know when you might need tampons. I’m a girl and its better to be prepared. I saved a lot of my fellow girls because of this. lol.

Victoria’s Secret Love spell Refreshing Body Mist and a hand sanitizer.

Wet tissue and a little notebook I use write things that I need so I won’t forget them.

My huge wallet.

My wide tooth comb.


Timex wrist watch.

And my ipod nano.


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