I should’ve kissed you.

Went to Kohl’s with Aunt Debbie and Mom. I slept very late last night thus I was in a rush to get ready. Didn’t have the chance to take pictures. Good thing the sun was still up when we got back.

The sun sets very late here. Image 4pm in the Philippines, how bright the sun shines at that time would be our 7pm here.

Maldita printed dress, WAGW black blouse, owl necklace (not in THIS picture, forgot to wear it when we took pictures.)

It’s getting a lot cooler here. You get out of the car expecting a heat wave to strike you but the cold north wind slaps you in the face. LOL. It feels nice though. It’s cool but not cold. Do you get me? haha. The heat of the sun and the cold air kinda balances everything out.

Even though you’ve beaten the hell out of Rihanna’s face, you still make good music. hahaha.


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