It’s never too hot.

Folded & Hung yellow v-neck shirt, Forever 21 tribal print skirt, SM brown belt

We ate at Olive Garden. It’s a very nice restaurant. Great food and staff. (They have very fancy menu. I couldn’t remember the name of the food I ordered. haha.)



Main dish

After eating at Olive Garden, we went to downtown Dallas. It was freakin’ hot (about 100 degress) but I love it there. They have  a lot of shops and restaurants.

I was supposed to take a picture of the front of the cab but the driver kept giving me weird looks. haha. I quickly took a photo and ran off.

Nightmare on Elm Street. haha.

The street where President John F. Kennedy was shot.

The building where the assassin was hiding.

See the white X mark right there? That’s the exact spot where he died.


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